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Semal Soapstone & Dolomite mine covers over an area of 405.345 hectare. This mine was sanctioned by the State Mines Geology Department in the year 1971, having a large number of pits and huge production of Soapstone & Dolomite. This mine has won several prizes in mines Safety & was declared winner twice in semi-mechanized group.

Kalora mine, which was sanctioned in 1970, has an area of 32.37 hectare. This mine is surrounded on all three sides by Semal Soapstone Mine and has a huge production.
Both Semal & Kalora Soapstone mines are adjoining mines and are operated by mechanized opencast method, which has 6 excavators and boundary machine, 33 dumpers and a host of other machinery.

Location: The mine is situated about 38 km. from Udaipur and the mine is well connected through tar road.

Working: Semal Mine of the lessee surrounds The Kalora mine. The total area of Kalora Mines is 32.37 hectares and that of Semal Mines 405.462 hectare. The main pit where the work is going on mostly falls in Kalora lease area.

Past performance: In Past Mines Safety week the mine won many prizes in different categories.
a) The mine won many prizes in the past MEMCW Week.
b) Apart from this, the mine is has a V.T. Centre where regular first-aid classes are arranged and a large number of persons are trained and given first-aid certificate.

Deva-I is an underground soapstone mine having an area of 4.95 hectare and sanctioned in the year 1986. The mine goes as deep as up to five levels underground and produces high-grade soapstone. The mine has all the necessary machinery required for an underground mining.

The Devla-II mine is about 4 km from Devla-I mine and mining is undertaken by both opencast & underground methods. This mine provides a variety of soapstone grades.

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